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 I've been playing music in Irish pubs, festivals, schools, libraries and other private and public venues since about 1996. Throughout Florida and parts of Georgia and South Carolina I have enjoyed performing a wide variety of music from Irish folk and traditional music to American folk, classic, popular music and rock and roll. Over the years I've performed primarily as a solo with guitar, banjo, harmonica and my voice but have also really enjoyed getting together with friends to accompany me. Jimmy Hull and Darin Graves still get out with me from time to time on some of my Florida dates.
      I now live in Aiken, SC, where I moved in the beginning of 2011. I still get down to Florida to play in a few of the Irish venues that have made me a regularly scheduled musicain and have been getting more involved in venues in the Carolinas. Over the past couple years I've begun playing at Delaney's Music Pub in Columbia, SC, at McGee's Irish Pub in Anderson, SC, Rose Hill Estates and The Up Your Alley Chop House both in Aiken, SC.
     I'm grateful to have made a living playing good music in great, privately owned and operated venues over the past 18 years or so. I've often been inspired to urge others to find something that they love to do and then find someone who will pay them for it. I am always thankful to those owners and managers who have made me a part of their public face through my music and to the many friends and acquaintances I've met over the years who regularly come out and show their support to me and to these private businesses.
     Finally, I'm glad you stopped by to visit my site. I have a performance shedule posted that is always being updated as well as links to businesses and other musicians I like to support and urge you  to do the same.
     So, enjoy. I hope to see you or hear from you out in the music world!
All the Best,

June 21, 2014
     So glad you came by.  Next week I'll be at Meg O'Malleys in Melbourne, FL. Been a few months since I was last there and I am so looking forward to it. I miss my friends down in Florida and am very anxious to get back up onstage with Jimmy and Darin, who will be joining me on the Friday night. 
     As expected, I've added to the schedule with some local work. This week I added a string of Thursdays throughout the summer at Catch which is in The Alley in Aiken, SC. The city is hosting a music and market type setup Thursday evenings to get folks out and I will be kicking off each Thursday on the patio of Catch promptly at 7pm for a couple hours. Had fun this week and I'm looking forward to next.
    Elaine D'Arcy and I spoke earlier today and confirmed 4th of July weekend at her new Irish Pub, O'Donovan's on Broad Street in downtown Augusta. It coincides with a First Friday event the city is promoting. Her place is just beautiful and is getting great food reviews locally. I've even heard they have started up a traditional music session on Wednesday nights starting around 8pm. I'm very excited to get over sometime to hear some of the great musicians I've been hearing about.
    I'm expecting more additions locally and, maybe even, not so locally. So please check my schedule regularly.
    I'll be sure to update again very soon. I have quite a bit going on and am looking at a busier time, musically speaking, very soon. Thanks again for stopping by. I hope you'll come by and see me soon.
All the best,